Our Books

Our Books

Following is a list of all of our books/novels so far. Please Note: All books and words showing underlines are hyperlinks. We’ve had a few reviewers comment that the underlines are not used any longer to denote a book title. They didn’t notice the underlines were links to other books.

David was born in 1947 and Glenda was born in 1950. Of course, we used to underline book titles — that was standard in our day! BUT. As with everything else in life, editing and publishing, standards have moved on. So, we understand not to underline titles but rather to use italics. The underlines are simply to denote there is a link to each book.

Also, originally our books were listed as written by Glenda Clemens only. Glenda has finally convinced David that because he has a LOT of input in the stories and helps make the books better, he should be listed as an author too. Glenda comes up with the idea for a book and starts writing — what she calls the vomit draft. After several chapters she hands it over to David, then they talk. Really. No yelling or criticisms but just honest talking with critique. From there Glenda continues the story with David jumping in with ideas and structure suggestions. Luckily for Glenda, David does the major part of the editing.

From that point, we have Beta Readers who chime in with their thoughts and corrections. Then back to the drawing board and more editing. We are in the process of re-editing the early books. It’s amazing how much we’ve learned and how much difference we can make in each book. Below are listed our books and the links to Amazon. We are working on expanding each book’s distribution and will edit this page accordingly. For now, we hope you’ll read our books and leave reviews. Reviews are the lifeblood of authors.

SO here you go, dear readers, our books”

We have written seven novels in The Paradigm Books series. In this series, we wrote about women and their lives of love, belonging, and becoming — creating new paradigms for themselves and their families. They are available on Amazon and Audible as well.

The Paradigm Books are:

1. The Gloriana Paradigm

2. The Mother Paradigm

3. The Belle Paradigm

4. The Father Paradigm

5. The Cora Paradigm

6. The Dakota Paradigm

7. The Adoption Paradigm

We have also written The Shaman Chronicles series. Although Glenda uses Core Shamanism in a lot of her books, in this series not only do many of the characters practice Core Shamanism but the mystic side of life becomes an important element. These books are also available on Amazon and Audible.

The Shaman Chronicles are:

1. Buffalo Dreams

2. Salmon Dreams

3. Bobcat Dreams

4. Sparrow Dreams

5. Crawdad Dreams

6. Elk Dreams

The Ouachita Mountain Tales series focuses on women and children finding themselves and their place in the world of semi-rural southeastern Oklahoma, where Glenda spent much of her life as a child.

The Ouachita Mountain Tales Series are:

1. The Mountain Beckons

2. Ring Around the Moon

3. The Water Flows

4. Sounds of the Night

5. Beaver Moon Rising

Glenda and our granddaughter Marti have written Nobody’s Home, a children’s book about spending spring break at Grandma and Granddad’s house during the COVID times.

Coming Soon:

Glenda and David are writing a new series, The Redbud Stories, beginning with The Good and Holy Witch. It will be a few months before the first book is published but get ready to read the compelling stories of women creating new ways of being especially in love. They have a lot of burdens to deal with, but then again who doesn’t? The probable titles of the next two books are The Keeper of all Things and The Creators of New Beginnings.

All our books are available on Amazon as e-books, Kindle, or paperback books. They are also available as audible books on Audible and Amazon.

You can follow Glenda and David Clemens on Facebook, Amazon, or Goodreads.



I spent most of my life taking care of my family. Now that I’m retired, I have time to seek adventure. I’m writing fiction. I’m having the time of my life.

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Glenda Clemens

I spent most of my life taking care of my family. Now that I’m retired, I have time to seek adventure. I’m writing fiction. I’m having the time of my life.